• Anonymous

    What excuse will Google use this time?

    “It was just an accident, we were trying to get something else working”- oh, nope used that one for bypassing Safari settings (presumably they were also accidentally reading the cookies).

    “It was done by a contractor we didn’t know it was happening” – oh, nope used that one when they were wholesale ripping off data and lying to customers of a Kenyan startup.

    “We didn’t realise we were collecting that information” – nope used that one as well when they were capturing wifi traffic using their StreetView cars.

    I’d suggest “the dog ate it” or “big boys made me do it”.

  • Anonymous

    You do realize everyone does this, and it’s just Internet Explorer that’s stupidly broken? Facebook bypasses the privacy settings too.

    Microsoft just made it so stupidly difficult to do the right thing, so nobody does it. All the major websites do this.