• richardw1980

    Today I can opt-out of of cookies through the use of cookie-blocking software. I can also opt-out of advertising by using ad-blocking software. It appears the days of being able to say “no” may be numbered…all in the name of greed. We try to say “no” to TV advertisements by way of the skip/fast forward button on the DVR remote, so the media giants dabble in technology that takes that takes away our ability to say “no”. Now we try to say “no” to cookies and advertisements online, and the software giants are trying to find a way to take away our ability to say “no”. I love it. I just love it.

  • Ivan Ponce Gomez

    I’ve written an article about how cookies have evolved, and how they are now condemned to extinction.

    My big concern is not the new technology itself, which is great because we could track in a cross-device way. But we’re moving from cookies, a technology that isn’t owned by one company, replacing it with propietary technologies that will consolidate the power of the big giants with large opt-in audiences (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon…).

  • Pat Grady

    Cookies are so small, seem so harmless, and they are. Problem is that too many whores will sell their children, so teeny pieces of data are sold to data aggregators, and privacy is intruded. Sites sell (and give) our data away to others, who in turn give it to others. Blue Kai, Quantcast, others like them – and everyone’s complaining about Google and Bing cookies… the folks doing the extrapolating and data mining aren’t the ones being blamed, they’re the one who rely on the cookie for simple (non-distributed) data, who see that the ubiquitous distribution, means the days may be numbered. Data aggregators left them no choice but to develop proprietary methods, the one we’ve all shared, has been compromised, it’s reputation is now dirty, though mostly misguidedly so.

    So many stores gave away personal data, in exchange for a free analytics dashboard, or some cash… lacking scruples, and being a data whore, does have consequences.

    Funny part is how many of these partners have had relationships with G or B… data johns are also to blame. Now that we have exchanges, ouch, buyers and sellers everywhere. “We” ate the cookie.