• Durant Imboden

    Having a name that people aren’t sure how to pronounce isn’t a great idea, either. (“Social”? “Sosel?” “Sokel”? “So Cal”?)

  • http://TheOnlyCog.com/ The Only Cog

    hate these short URLs (so.cl, yeah that rolls of the tongue!)

  • http://twitter.com/SocialJulio Julio Fernandez

    Hi Danny, it also took me several times to figure out how to add a link to a post, but I like that you can go back and edit a post, like on G+. By creating my Socl account with my Facebook credentials, it gave me a list of FB friends on Socl. I dont think FB has to worry about Socl, but G+ and Google should. I like how it encourages you to search for a topic before you post about it to add to the conversation. I did a test with some photos from Stonehenge, actually an album sitting on Google+ and after a minute, I already had a comments/question, not spam on my post. The embed code of each post is also useful.  http://www.so.cl/#/@Julio-Fernandez 

  • http://twitter.com/eserrano_com Enrique Serrano

    If you click on something for sharing purposes, the natural way to go wouldn’t require other extra clicks. We’re already seeing some gotchas with people posting blank links. My guess is that such feature will be streamlined in the future (including the shared link by default, etc.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/umreviews Umreviews Umar

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  • http://www.robblewis.com robblewis

    Essentially So.cl lacks innovative / new features compared to facebook, g+ and is early beta buggy.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drew-Olanoff/501203508 Drew Olanoff

    Video parties are like Chill’s product, nothing like Hangouts :)

  • http://www.shaneatkins.co.uk/ Shane Atkins

    So.cl looks like just like a bad version of Google+. Google+ has 170 million users and Facebook 901 million users there just isn’t a space for Microsoft any-more.

  • Robert Johnson

    The “about” page makes it pretty clear that So.cl is a research project. That means it’s not intended to be taken seriously as a new social network. So why review it like it’s intended to compete with FB and G+?

  • sallyrothwell

    This launch wouldnt have made any attention even if they spent billions advertising its debut.

    They are about 13 years too late, and now noone uses these networks as they are only in place to reap and use its userbase for even penny they can. A company only working for profit and not innovation heard how much a single user is worth to investors a plan to create infinite number of fake users to pump their stock price. As they realize the waste of operating costs, they will ditch this project like every other.

    This project was released last year, and now re-released it again to see if it will gain any hype. Not. It was dumped last time and will get dumped again. Another terrible loss to MSFT investors. Why can they just create something useful. Creating useless products on hype has been their motife for the last ten years. And once the hype has left they ditch the product with serious losses. Its due to the fact noone likes the company.

    Such a wasteful company representing the end of the internet. Its a shame they sill think they are relavant. With the failure of Winblows phone and now another push of Windows *8, they have over extended their reach online, pushing their own products farther than possible. What makes this worse is that so many companies depend on their products, that whenever they do bad, the little companies usually pay more for their failures.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Because it does compete, regardless of what Microsoft says on the About page, which you have to dig to find, as opposed to the big splash screen highlighting features. The About page also doesn’t appear to have been updated yet from when this was an experimental service that was closed to most, open only to a few, to the fully-open service now.

  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    Jeez… just what the world needs. Another place to share animated gif’s.

  • http://twitter.com/seowestcp Christopher West

    IIRC I joined SOCL a few months ago (or maybe I only signed up for an invite :)).. still Danny is right, it is intended to be a competitor to Google+ (probably not as much for Facebook coz you can sign in with Facebook)…

  • Robert Johnson

    PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!?? I respect you as a serious journalist. It does not compete?? The logo itself is a clue (it has MS research in it). That is an indication that this is just an experiment that will eventually be used to help BING data. FUSE projects have never been taken seriously as real launches? Remember the FUSE project that allowed FB users to use online Office within Facebook? These are RESEARCH projects. Please stop the negative publicity against Microsoft. This project will leave just as quietly as it launched. Do you REALLY think MS will launch a major social network this quietly??? NO. This is not the same MS you are accustomed to covering. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/renegatdula Rene Gatdula

    US only..? I’m in the waiting list…

  • http://propertyagents.co/real-estate-lead-generation-course Muhammad Ayaz

    using the name like so.cl isn’t a great idea how people will pronounce it and I think you should use the proper word i.e. like facebook or social that would be easy to pronounce.

  • http://twitter.com/WebSavvyMrkting Web Savvy Marketing

    Tried it Sunday and again this morning.  I was able to change my profile image and add an introduction, but everything else failed due to errors or simply returns a blank screen.  

    At this rate, I’m thinking Microsoft needs a super cool version of Twitter’s fail whale.

  • http://www.kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

    Not sure anyone else noticed this message later in the afternoon. “Thanks for all the love and feedback on So.cl! We’re going to get to work fixing some issues you found, and open back up shortly!” (screen shot 
    http://twitpic.com/9ngp7y) That seem like the kind of thing you would do in a closed beta phase, which I signed up for a while back. Either way, someone over at MS should certainly understand this will be reviewed regardless of how it is named. So far I am less than impressed.

  • http://www.dewaldthuysamen.com/ Dewaldt Huysamen

    The problem is for our clients in South Africa only 3% of searches happen on bing.com, so we do not focus on bing at all.

    Only if it is a client that needs international rankings and that is targeting international consumers.

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    One thing I’m not sure…Why do I need to use So.cl?

  • tonio09

    many users have multiple accounts…

  • tonio09

    signing in with facebook makes it easier for people to migrate…

  • http://www.shaneatkins.co.uk/ Shane Atkins

    I’am from the United Kingdom and I can use it fine.

  • http://twitter.com/petersodja Peter Sodja

    I think this could be really big. I mean really really really big. Its very dynamic and fun. 

  • kumar kunal

    It is pronounced as “Social”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deepak-Sasidharan-S/100002471665402 Deepak Sasidharan S

    some people nervous about life and job some people nervous about family but i am nervous about ourself

  • http://www.facebook.com/pooin.nt Pooin Nt