• RyanMJones

    You should take your chromebook to vegas and try to sell it to them. Then post the receipt for what they paid you.

  • Mark

    It seems like the point is to create negative sentiment in the public toward Google. No complaints here.

  • Harry Hawk

    This ad with the Pawn star crew comes across with far more authority than past ads which are perhaps more snarky. I think the Chromebooks are amazing of course..

    This is Microsoft trying to build up negative memes about Google… these negative feelings from Microsoft about Google, I can’t imagine why they have such feelings.. ;)

  • Larry Kim

    wow what an aggressive campaign. i like this one the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Cr6AgUo764

  • wp77

    Funny how Apple ran all those I’m a Mac ads and no one thought they were ‘new lows’. While often funny they were mostly fiction.

  • Tian_Mian

    Danny, i usually love reading your articles but this one reads like written by an upset crying baby. Give it a rest.

  • Lindamaeb

    I think the ad is genius…come on, man..if it were google, or apple slamming MSFT you’d be all over it in kudos and roses!!

  • Matthew Pack

    Marketing in this way does always seem a little desperate. Rubbish the competition. I have to agree with Tian though and I did enjoy the vid that Larry shared, its all good competitive noise. You don’t work for Google yet Danny? Do you?

  • LS650

    Microsoft can’t brag about their own product, so they stoop to bashing someone else’s.


  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    As I said at the end, the video is pretty funny and makes some good points right up to the point where it makes the turn to “Scroogled” and the Chromebook somehow having secret spying tools that it doesn’t have — nor does Microsoft document those. If we’re just happy with funny ads that make unsubstantiated claims, I suppose all is fine. I’m not, regardless of what company they’re aimed at.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan
  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Sorry you find it babyish to suggest that Microsoft took an otherwise funny ad and ruined it by trying to shove in the whole “Scroogled’ aspect with unsubstantiated claims that Chromebook is some type of spying machine. Me, I kind of feel like that’s an adult conversation to have. But, I guess we’ll disagree.

  • WJH

    I like Pawn Stars, and I like Chromebooks — but I also like geography. In what world would a ticket to out of the way Reno, which is 200 miles farther from Vegas than LA, be a cheaper ticket than a ticket on the more popular, shorter trip with many more travel options?

  • akaBeene

    Just like Apple and Google have done for the last 7 years

  • akaBeene

    Danny why didn’t you write anything about the Apple campaign that lasted for 6 years that a PC was inferior to a Mac (which also is a PC). Google does track all your habits for the sake of selling ads. No lies in the scroggled ad. Stop crying about it and stop writing articles for the sake of writing articles..

  • newyorker_1

    talking about sell out…

  • runninginterror

    i have a mac laptop ..i had to install a program to keep companies from tracking everything i bought and saw…it’s everywhere…and if someone didn’t know that the chromebook was just for surfing…they need to get checked out..(used to like pawn stars..was entertaining but it got tooooo scripted..and they are such cheap sleazy pieces of shit)

  • Jeff Allen

    This new ad (in addition to being pretty funny) is a perfect fit in the Scroogled franchise. I’m surprised you would argue otherwise.

    Scroogled is all about going after Google for their obvious advertising bias to everything they do – positioning everything as a “data collection engine.” Think about it: you search on your desktop on Apple’s browser – they track your searches somewhat anonymously. You search on your desktop on Apple’s browser while logged into Gmail – they track your searches associated with you. You search on your desktop on their browser, they track all of your browsing tied to you. You search on your wifi-connected chrome book using their browser, they know everything else you’re doing on your desktop and can tie that to all of your web browsing, all of your searching, etc. Go a step further and you add that it’s a cell-connected, GPS-enabled device, now they know everything plus where you are standing right now. Think that’s the end of it? Nope. Now they want to get between your eyes and the entire world with Glass. Every layer of the stack is another level of what Microsoft calls Scroogled.

    That said, I think the “screwed” part of “Scroogled” is only a fair label if people don’t know what Google is doing with their data. It’s no different than what a lot of publishers do, only instead of delivering you your favorite NFL game on a TV set in exchange for looking at ads, Google gives you software.

    It’s businesses who get “free” services from them in exchange for Google keeping a copy of their data that should be wary of the business model. Where else would you give your vendor a copy of the data that describes how well that vendor’s products are performing for you prior to a negotiation… Don’t think they don’t use Google Analytics data to support AdWords. I guarantee they aren’t running that service just to help businesses out with a little “free gift.”

  • Steve

    Google spies on it’s users? I’m shocked! News Flash: Google’s right to record, track, and keep indefinitely everything you do online on their devices and on their search engine is printed in plain black and white in every end user license agreement. Nothing is off limits. Not phone calls, not text messages, not search queries, not even where you surf the net (if you use chrome). Google has even been fined big $$$$ for trying to spy on people who don’t user their devices or their browser (they spied on iPhone safari users without permission and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar).

  • orbitary

    ‘The ad never discloses that she’s an actress’..Hilarious! Maybe they should have to disclose that fast food employee’s in tv commercials aren’t really employees, but models!

  • adobemanaz

    The ad with the Pawn Star guys is funny and effective. The fact the the author of this article takes offense means the ad did its job. It’s called advertising! And I’m sure anyone who’s going to spend $249 and higher for a Chromebook hopefully is going to ask the same questions when you can get a higher functioning Android or Windows tablet or small laptop. You can then take the argument further and ask consumers if you’re defending the Chromebook, what have you got against Windows RT??

  • Dylan Spencer

    Apple and Microsoft have always had a “healthy” rivalry. Steve and Bill were pretty good friends and those commercials were just poking fun. Each company knew who dominated what markets and they were fine with that. Its my opinion that Microsoft is getting really desperate here. Clearly promoting their Windows 8 and Rt products hasn’t been going too well. Look how great the Surface is doing. Now they’ve decided to try attacking other company’s instead. For anybody that can do a little tweaking, Chromebooks are perfect because one can install Ubuntu along side Chrome OS and have a full powered laptop that can run Windows programs. I am a Windows fan when it comes to laptops over $600. Any less than that and I’d rather have a Chromebook. Its a better value for the money. I’ll guess that that $250 Windows laptop doesn’t run so great. For that much money a Windows laptop is probably only good for internet browsing and documents anyways. Long story short (sorry for excessive post) Windows is great on a medium priced machine while Chromebooks are clearly the best cheap machines.

  • stoybob

    I love my chromebook! Ive been using it since it was released I have not had one problem with it and I also have a desktop running windows 8 and again dont have a problem with that either. I can only explain in one way that Microsoft is “jealous” but what would I know. It seems like it will go back and forth for a while and then just end.

  • ⛵The Other Denzel⛵

    Facebook and google make most of their money from selling your information… think about it, if all of thier products are free (androids open source, gmail, etc) why are they billion dollar companies?