• Craig Palli

    These numbers from IAB are quite impressive, and it’s no surprise that mobile is gaining more traction year over year, especially as advertisers realize that mobile apps, in particular, provide a compelling canvas for engagement and brand building. However, as more marketers try to figure out how much of their advertising strategy and media dollars should be devoted to mobile app advertising, they are discovering that “traditional” metrics like CPM and CPC aren’t able to capture the real engagement value/ROI of mobile app advertising. After analyzing over 2.4 billion app marketing data points, we believe there is a concrete way to effectively measure the cost per mobile engagement (CPEm). In fact, Fiksu’s research has determined that the average CPEm is 1/10th the cost of a desktop click. You can read more about my thinking and analysis here….http://bit.ly/15B3ImI

    Craig Palli, chief strategy officer, Fiksu, http://www.fiksu.com