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    And now you can add a Passbook Pass within a email, so as someone opens the email on their smartphone a CMO can quickly get into the device owner’s wallet with an attractive offer. The beauty of Passbook, unlike emails, is the convenience of loyalty cards, store cards or coupon in one location. Given that more and more people are opening their emails on the smartphone it makes sense for CMO’s to ‘attach’ attractive offers which can quickly and easily be stored into Passbook (or PassWallet on Android). CMO’s then have the ability of engaging and retaining customer loyalty through the wallet. We are seeing this as a big shift in ‘mobile marketing’ opportunity in 2013.

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    What this all means for small business in 2013: optimize your emails for mobile!

    1. Find an email marketing platform that has plenty of ready-made mobile-optimized templates for you to use, so you know your emails can scale for mobile opens.

    2. Use mobile-friendly calls to action — include phone numbers, link to mobile-optimized websites and landing pages.

    3. Most importantly: keep your emails short! No more 2-column email newsletters with 18 tidbits of information jammed into them. Emails should be simple and contain just one call to action. (So secondary to that point: start segmenting your lists.)

    Mobile opens are really gaining faster than a lot of marketers are ready for, but the truth is it’s not that hard to make sure people reading email on their phones can get the most from your marketing messages.