• Sheldon Campbell

    Nice reporting, Matt! Talk about some serious egg on their collective face, after a couple of weeks plagued by PR disasters!
    Although, to be honest, I don’t believe the crew at the ‘Plex is that dumb. I think this was likely some rogue activity. Still, the timing is horrible!

  • Randal

    Friday the 13th… Too bad for Google there are 2 more this year…

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  • Anonymous

    The crew at the ‘Plex might not be dumb but they are arrogant enough to believe they could pull this off without getting caught.

  • Sheldon Campbell

    I really see that as highly unlikely. Someone would have to be incredibly stupid to think such a thing would go undetected.
    In the end, of course, it doesn’t matter… it happened, and Google is ultimately responsible (which they haven’t denied). Whatever’s behind it, the timing is really bad. I suspect the FTC bulldogs will be all over this, foaming at the mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Guess who else was “mortified”? –

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