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    This relaunch (or rather rererelaunch) is markedly sexier than the previous ones. We looked at their traffic over the past two years and despite the last revamp (October 2010-ish) the site has shown no signs up pulling up out of a dive in overall unique visitors. Likewise, they’re average stay has been plummeting (meaning the engagement of current users on the site has also dwindled).

    The redesign might not win back market share right away, but it’s sure to pluck at the nostalgia of all those that abandoned it. Plus, J.Timberlake is involved. Talk about catalysts of catalysts, right?

    If anyone’s interested in reading about more of myspace’s metrics, including how it stacks up to competitors like Last.fm and Rdio, the full post is here: http://blog.compete.com/2012/09/26/myspace-is-back-and-its-like-super-neat/

    Thanks for writing! Compete loves Marketing Land! :)