• http://www.adyoulike.com dale lovell

    This is a well written post that illustrates a lot of the main issues around native advertising and the concerns of publishers and brands. For me there are three main issues: disclosure, the quality of the content and scale. Firstly all native advertising needs to be labelled as ‘promoted by’ or something similar, so consumers know that it is advertising. Secondly the quality of the content needs to be good. Consumers will happily engage with native ads if the quality is there. The third issue is scale. How do you create the engaging content required for native advertising and then distribute it at scale? This is the real challenge ahead for native advertising and one that at Adyoulike we are answering with our in-house editorial team and freelance writer platform – so we can create native content that is on brand, adhering to publisher guidelines and distributing it at scale. It’s a process that saves brands and their agencies a lot of time and takes away the headaches for publishers that are resource strapped and have no resource to create native content. Combined with our publisher tech solution it’s a powerful native proposition.

  • peterIAB

    Dale, glad to hear you are tackling what i think is the hardest challenge–breadth of quality content at scale.

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    Thanks for sharing this very useful information.