• Andrew Shotland

    Thanks for the link Will, but where’s my exact match anchor text?! :)

  • http://www.searchinfluence.com/blog/ Will Scott

    @andrewsho:disqus You don’t want me to blow your link-text ratio, now do you?

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks for the piece, Wil. Thought provoking for sure.

    As a media company, our business model is getting paid for exposing “content” from clients (advertisers) to our readers. That content comes in many forms, including banners, whitepapers/webcasts and (gag) “native advertising.”
    Agreed that Google’s “sledgehammer” is effective in enforcing their rules on publishers regarding paid links, etc. Only the most brazen publisher would ignore them and risk losing the traffic that would inevitably result from being dropped from the index.

    I’d appreciate some evidence supporting the conclusion of these questions: “Imagine an article about your client placed in Forbes or on BuzzFeed. Do you really care about a link? Isn’t it just as valuable when you have an article that is topically relevant alongside the mention of your brand?”

    Clearly the answer to the last question is “yes” for human beings. But for SEO?
    And if “yes” for SEO, seems the challenge that agencies have is to convince their clients to actually invest in buying access to an audience on a media site. Clients/agencies are eager to invest in people to write blogs and to syndicate those posts to social networks, but for most investing in paid media is a bridge too far.