• http://twitter.com/jccornwell Chris Cornwell

    I can’t see people giving up control of their vehicles any time soon, even if they are horrible drivers.

  • Pat Grady

    someday there will be roads where you can manually drive, like the old days… they’ll call these places where you can “free” drive…  freeways.

  • http://www.blogsablog.com/ serdar

    its great project…

  • http://seobullshit.com King Douche

    How about this?  Had too much to drink?  Call your car in the parking lot to pick you up and take you home.  Too tired to drive?  Let your car do it.  I can think of more reasons to let my car drive me than not.  I PRAY that this device become some kind of aftermarket retro-fitted assembly or perhaps new cars carry compatibility with the framework.  No traffic jams, no accidents, no pedestrian injuries.  This is real and it’s happening. Embrace it.