• http://blog.hostbaby.com/ Chris B at HostBaby

    Hi, where will this data be located in Analytics?

  • Amy Gesenhues

    Chris, Right now the tool is accessible on the Google Think Insights
    blog at

    Scroll down to the box with the headline, “Channels play different
    roles in the customer journey” and you can select which industry data
    you want to view.

  • http://makethemclick.com.au/library Mark @ Make Them Click

    More deliberate spin from Google. Either that or they are showing yet again that they are hopeless at simple maths.

    Their own graph clearly shows that most purchases happen within one day 57%. Yet Google spins it to say 47% happen in more than one day. Sorry but 57 from 100 = 43%. That is, the bulk of purchases happen within one day.

    It then goes on to say that 65% of purchases require more than one step. Again it’s own graph shows that 40% of purchases happen in just one step. IE 40 from 100 = 60 not 65.

    Maybe these are minor differences but I detest the way Google always spins its data for its own self serving ends.

    When I look at these graphs they clearly show that the bulk of purchases happen within one day and with very few steps.

    I know many in the online ad industry are desperate to prove multi point attribution over long periods of time but Google’s own data just doesn’t support it. Trying to spin it to say it does smacks of the behavior we get from politicians.

  • http://twitter.com/feliphelavor Feliphe

    Mark, the gaph doesn’t say that “47% happen in more than one day”, but that “47% of REVENUE comes from journeys that happen in more than one day”. The same with steps.