• cboulanger

    This suggests a large gap in the tools used for planning, but I’m not clear what the solution could be.

    Any thoughts on who are the leading agencies for tv+online campaigns? Are there any best practices in this area?

  • Barry Bossier

    Utilize verbiage, photos, design, and blogs that have been working online in your offline efforts.

    Understanding your best performing online ad placements, ad types and highest viewed pages and understanding why they are working the bests then aligning them with the right offline channels works best for me. Utilize what’s proven to work and making the messaging consistently clear across all channels. Also, be sure to think about the buying process. Don’t use PPC language in your your tv commercial. See what’s been working on display and Facebook. For your second round of commercials look at what’s working from your Remarketing ads. So on and so fourth.

    I don’t think it is a matter of poor planning tools. I think it’s a lack of understanding how each piece of the puzzle fits into the grander scheme.

    It also has a lot to do with a lack of understanding which online services best align with each type of offline services.