• Conrad Dunkerson

    Your analysis is flawed on multiple levels.

    First, there is no way that the statistics you suggest they are reporting could be compiled. That is, Google cannot be reporting what percentage of G+ users access any Google product because they cannot determine that percentage. THINK about it. How would they know whether the person looking at a Google Maps page or performing a Google search at a given IP address is a G+ user or not? They can only identify G+ users if they are currently logged in (hence the personalized search results only show up for logged in users).

    Second, the percentages are too low to represent daily/weekly usage of all Google tools. We know from other sources that roughly 66% of internet users access Google search at least once per day. Add in Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and all the other Google products and the percentage is much higher. Yet only 60% of G+ users access these tools daily? Why would G+ users be significantly LESS engaged with Google products than web users in general?

    Third, the article itself quotes a secondary source which states quite clearly that the percentages are “logged in” users (a statistic they CAN determine). Yes, it is possible to interpret Page’s remarks in multiple ways… but why would you assume an interpretation which contradicts what another Google employee said?

    Finally, the entire argument of ‘these are Google usage figures, not Google+ usage figures’ is inherently false. Google+ IS Google. What did you think they were doing here? Look at all the cross-linking and integration. The whole point is to combine all of Google’s disparate properties under one roof. Arguing that Gmail usage or YouTube usage doesn’t count is like claiming that people who send an e-mail or watch a video through Facebook are not using Facebook. Google+ is all of Google, plus a social media ‘wrapper’.

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    It looks like the written statement is exactly what is said in the call… Check 3:07 here: 

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    And it looks like Google is taking steps to make the numbers more consistent in the future:

    Google Now Forcing All New Users To Create Google+ Enabled Accounts

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