• Micaheath

    Awesome post! My newest worry is that Google sent out a company wide email yesterday letting their account reps know that PLA’s will now be served above text ads period. Not only is this absolutely ridiculous because they recognize that the PLA’s are still a broken system that is still be worked on giving advertisers very limited control over where and when their ads show up, but also the fact that they are doing this right in the height of the holiday season and didn’t even let their own account reps know until the day it started rolling out. This causes a huge shift in advertising dollars and effectiveness to an already complex system of adwords constant ad test and changes. How is any intelligent adwords account manager supposed to do any kind of real analysis when google keeps changing the landscape? They are becoming to money focused and willing to do whatever it takes to increase revenues at the cost of not only users but most importantly the advertisers that are fueling their dictatorship like empire. In some cases it almost seems illegal what they are doing, extortion, they know everyone is hooked on them now they can do whatever they want even if it screws the people that made them what they are today. I call foul Goolgle. get you r act together or at some point people will wake up to the fact that you are only out to screw them and tides will shift.

  • Terry Wall

    It seems amazing all the uproar and backlash being directed at “G”. You would think they’d at least take a cursory glance at this negative feedback and consider an adjusted course of action. After all (DUUUHHH!!!) it’s the ADVERTISERS that made them richer than Croesus! Think they’ll do anything? Naaah! Their attitude: ‘we’re Google…we can do what we want when we want, and you can’t do anything about it! Put another way, “na-na-na-na-na-naaaaah!!!”