• http://okaymarketing.com/ Brian Jackson

    Got an 82 :) My friends are my analytic tools haha. I live and breath lead gen. Great post David!

  • David Rodnitzky

    Thanks Brian, and congrats on the awesome score!

  • ekriuq

    Great quiz, encompasses everything a digital marketer should know, got 87 and know theres areas where I can improve.

  • David Rodnitzky

    That is the best score I have heard to date!

  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    80… I should start my own company I guess…

  • Rajesh_magar

    I am sorry…. But where is the Link?

  • Rathin Dey

    Good Post….I got a score of 67…As I feel there is no end of learning new and I do not think I am a complete expert even if I know a lot about it and have done a lot about it.

  • ekriuq

    Thanks would you mind if I made this into a interactive quiz that gave a person a total at the end? I’ll send you the link when ready and you can share it.

  • David Rodnitzky

    Love it – go for it!

  • David Rodnitzky

    No link – you just have to tabulate the scores yourself

  • David Rodnitzky

    That’s a great score!

  • Marios Chailis

    I got a 99. Seems surprisingly high, but then again I have been doing this for 14 years.

  • David Rodnitzky

    That’s a great score. You need to study up on one item and push your score past 100!

  • Marios Chailis

    Haha. I might have done that a few years ago but as time goes by I keep delegating more and more of these functions to my staff … I am sure my score will only keep getting worse with time.

  • Pat Grady

    79. Feel that you gave points for knowing how to do something, but none for knowing what not to do. Add that in, and I’d be an Intergalactic Marketing Kingpin.

  • http://kingged.com Pauleen

    Hi, David!

    This quiz would surely test the power and the abilities of a marketing guru. For self-acclaimed marketing gurus, well, I think this test is a must for you to take.

    This test will also help many marketers to assess themselves if their marketing career succeed or if their abilities and characters bring them into the highest level of marketing. If some may fail, then it would be a lesson for them that they should work more.

    Thanks for this post. :)


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  • a+g creative group

    yeyyyy scored 90 points. That means I am pretty good at this and managed to keep some friends :)