• http://twitter.com/celwell Chris Elwell

    Curious how frequently businesses will have to issue payments to the states under this legislation. Annually? Quarterly? Continuously? The frequency of payments has a significant impact on the burden.

  • http://twitter.com/GinnyMarvin Ginny Marvin

    Good question, the bill says: “A State may not require a remote seller to file sales and use tax returns any more frequently than returns are required for nonremote sellers.” Since most states have different filing requirements based on the amount of tax reported, it’s conceivable that a business could pay states at different times depending on the sales volume and requirements of each state. The requirements for states to implement simplified tax processes and provide free software are supposed to alleviate some of that confusion, but a unified payment schedule isn’t spelled out in this legislation.

  • http://twitter.com/celwell Chris Elwell

    Thanks for looking that up, Ginny. So, there are 9000 taxing jurisdictions in the US and payers are going to be required to follow each of their requirements for timing of payments.

    As the Marisa Tormie character said several times in My Cousin Vinny, “It’s a f*&$ing nightmare!”