• http://www.altaresources.com/ Cory Grassell

    I can’t wait for the study findings. Content marketing, in the formal sense, is relatively new at our organization. As the sole writer in a young marketing department, I can relate to the all-too-familiar questions you’re asking, and I’m eager to see feedback on others’ departmental integration, strategy, and measurement.

  • http://www.avitage.com/ Jim Burns

    It’s important for your group to highlight these issues. Content strategy, if it exists, tends to come from website efforts. Strategy is market tactic focused. Your question about a “unified content strategy” started me chuckling.

    Most organizations still produce ad hoc, point productions, from within their tactical silos, for their specific purposes. Most people, never having worked as a publisher, and misinterpret thinking like a publisher as being a journalist. But this misses the operation and management aspects that results in oft reported constraints B2B marketers experience creating enough, quality, variety of content with limited budgets. Adding people isn’t the answer. The answer lies with an effective content strategy and leveraged publishing process.