• http://blog.paulnshapiro.com/ Paul Shapiro

    Great post Ben! In terms of SEO, a post earlier in the month on Moz (http://moz.com/blog/how-website-speed-actually-impacts-search-ranking) seems to have shown that specifically time-to-first-byte (TTFB) matters the most when it comes to page speed and rankings, and that there is no correlation between “document complete” nor “fully rendered” and ranking on Google.

    However when it comes to user experience, the effects of reducing page load time is enormous. I seem to recall a crazy statistic where Amazon saw something like 1% increase in revenue for load speed shortened by a mere 100 milliseconds. That’s a lot of $$ for a big site.

  • http://www.trendslide.com Jeffrey Vocell

    Another helpful resource from Google for determining granular page-speed information (for both web and mobile) is WebPage Test Tool (http://www.webpagetest.org). WebPageTest will give users not only specific time information, but also go a step further and build it into a waterfall view of how long each asset takes to load. For example, here is a waterfall view of the MarketingLand.com homepage, which took 6.3 seconds to load (according to this tool): http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130829_6F_J33/1/details/. Here we can see that some external sources such as Disqus, Facebook, and others are slowing down the loading time of the homepage.

    I’ve written a blog post, which I think may be helpful for readers specifically looking at mobile page speed. It covers some of the most common performance challenges, and how to address them. If you want to check it out, here is a link: http://www.sitespect.com/blog/jeffrey-vocell/5-mobile-site-performance-challenges-and-how-to-fix-them.

  • Andrew Faulkner

    Great write up. I took some time out to take some speed testing tools for a spin a while back and came up with a list of my favourites. Hopefully a useful resource:


    Whether it is SEO or usability or both, and first byte or total bytes, it can only be a good thing to improve page speed.

  • http://www.mediawebcenter.com/ Osle

    I used gtmetrix, I can see google page speed and Yslow of yahoo, it’s better information for check the webs, it’s very important now for google to be fast, mobile and tablets needs speed in performance

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    Was searching for a reference to give to a client and then bam! Great post and snagged a FFextension too. Thanks! It also provided leverage to bring forward for the developer.