• Pat Grady

    Can we change “Search Doesn’t Scale Well” to “Search Doesn’t Scale Well When Non-SEMs or Analytics-Dummies Set The Work List Priorities”?

  • Jayne Reddyhoff

    I have a feeling that there are some useful nuggets of information in this post, but they are getting lost behind unclear terms.

    Can you please define what you mean by the words “retention” & “scale”?

    By retention, do you mean the usual definition ie retaining existing customers? Do you mean encouraging further purchases from existing customers? Or something else?

    If you mean the first, I’m not surprised you received a negative reaction to putting paid search first in your list of tactics!

    Similarly, by scale, do you mean acquiring new customers or MORE new customers?

    If I’ve got your message, it is that a good online marketing consultant thinks about the full, integrated marketing mix that will best meet their client’s need, including the right metrics monitor.

    I have an overwhelming urge to say” duh”!