• http://iixn.pl/ majgr

    It is not for print. Ads will be displayed as augmentations, in context where user is, and what he is looking at. At that point ads make perfect sense, and time of eye fixation means engagement. Here is extended version of this idea: user walks on the street, sees augmented ad, decides to enter the store, there glasses are detected, and store owner is charged for ad + action.

    In some time Google Glass would be as a free subscription. User will be charged only when he/she do not use it.

  • SardoNardo

    I kinda like where that is heading.


  • Paul Bouzide

    “When the product is free, you are the product”

  • http://iixn.pl/ majgr

    Well, Google has millions of walking “products” already. Price is high, since, this kind of advertising uses user all data + time, location context. Also it can be used for TV, if glasses can play it. It all means Google could own whole advertising market.