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    Looking scummy to the public (privacy issues) + looking scummy to affiliates & small businesses (Google Panda), they’re really batting a thousand…

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    Resistance is futile

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    I suppose for a marketing trade rag, showing surprise at there being anything suspect in Google’s reputation is part of editorial policy.  To those of us outside the marketing trade, marketing in general looks a little spooky.  This has been the case since long before Google’s unified “privacy” policy, and long before the internet itself, as evidenced by works by the likes of Vance Packard and Wilson Bryan Key over the years.  I don’t think very many people believes the Google share price went from IPO to half a kilobuck overnight on sponsored results alone.  There’s got to be something very impressive inside the black box.  But some suspect that data mining in service to marketing is facing diminishing returns:

    “Algorithms trawling for greater targeting power on the part of
    advertisers are jumping at comparatively trivial increases in efficiency
    with serious diminishing returns. (And insofar as new understandings
    might inform actual development/policy wouldn’t that a good thing?)
    Further, taken in a broad view, the issues of complexity to such
    datatrawling and analysis leans to the favor of consumers because
    there’s simply far more of us than there are sellers. Relatively simple
    advances in consumer analysis of sellers would drastically turn the
    tables against advertisers and corporate bargaining advantage in
    general.  In such light their current golden age of analysis is but one
    last rich gasp.”