• Sandro Galindo

    Love it!

  • ShellyChanadeaci

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  • http://www.makementionmedia.com/ Jen Havice

    Thank you! I’m a perfectionist, I over think just about everything, and I care way too much most of the time even about the small things. But, the job always gets done and generally well.

  • http://www.usimprints.com/blog/ Jason Biddle

    This is a really great article, Arienne.

    It calls attention to the need for exceptional content. I’m of the belief that as more and more content is produced on the same topics, the best content wins. I only hit the subscribe button when I find sources that can consistently produce high-level content. I’d much rather consume unique, thought-provoking content once a month than the thin, tired stuff that’s so commonplace these days.

    Some would say the problem isn’t so much with the quality of the content, but with getting in front of the right audience. The idea is that there are a few major sources where consumers go for content, and they stick to those sources because that’s what they know (regardless of the quality of the content). The only way to gain a larger audience is to be a syndicated writer for those sources. Chad Pollitt goes into more detail in his article here: http://relevance.com/content-shock-why-earned-media-will-save-content-marketing/

    What Pollitt doesn’t delve into is exactly how to get the attention of these popular industry sites.

    My guess: quality content.

  • RavenArienne

    Thanks, Jason. There’s a phrase in the article your shared that’s interesting: flimsy content. I might play around with that idea later. Appreciate the idea!

  • RavenArienne

    “The job always gets done.” Yes, it does.

  • http://www.iatltd.com Michaela Clement-Hayes

    Could not agree more. I am my own editor and proofreader before it’s actually edited and proofread. Typos drive me crazy, especially if I use my iPad because autocorrect changes everything so I’ve started triple checking every article or blog post! People might use the term ‘perfectionist’ as an insult, but as you say – we get the job done!