• http://BullishData.com/ ReevesJB

    Couldn’t much of the discrepancy here be due to differences in how owners of different phone types use their devices? If Apple/Samsung smartphone users were heavier users of the “smart” features on their phones (thus driving data traffic), and more users of Motorola/HTC phones were essentially using them as dumbphones (like my mom does), then these charts would make sense.

  • William

    Thanks Greg,
    Pretty interesting stats… Having a mobile presence is so important these days!
    The company I am currently with redesigned our website a couple months back. When we launched, our mobile site wasn’t working. We saw a substantial drop in not only traffic, but conversions.
    That being said, we got our mobile site up and running within a few weeks and saw a dramatic turn around. Even our videos are now encoded in HTML5. Having videos that play on a mobile device has been such a key element to our mobile conversions.