• http://www.SmartInternetBusinessSolutions.co.uk/ Tarjinder S. Kailey

    It suddenly makes sense why pop icons like Bieber and One Direction tops the charts since it is their followers particular age group (early teens) that hold this much influence on social media platforms. Plus, though their money don’t amount much compared to their parents or older age groups, they do spend what they have to buy their pop idol’s merchandise since their financial obligations are almost non-existent. Add one and two together and you get millions of revenue for the music industry and since its what selling, the music industry will continue to patronize the like of Bieber. They really got this whole social media marketing down to an art.

  • maryroselyons

    Good post. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how brands react or follow. The teens are always going to be one step ahead. I did a similar post, and am following up with my own research into how Irish teens use social media. http://brightspark-consulting.com/how-teens-use-social-media/