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    Minor picking nits, update the Title from stuggling to struggling :)

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    These stats are really not that discouraging for me since YouTube is steadily advancing toward their goals. They are dependent upon having the best quality video content creators, as well as advertisers who venture into the realm of using video marketing to introduce their products/services to the masses. I am impressed how YouTube is focusing on truly educating their users and contributors regarding how to maximize their platform. It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but for those who have bigger plans to use YouTube for content and/or advertising, I think the horizon is bright. Businesses often fall just shy of their goals because the mark is set high enough to make everyone push for it. But if you aim for the stars, but can grab the moon on your way down, that should not be of a huge concern. Business owners (large and small) learn what works and doesn’t work for them after the plans have been implemented and analyzed. I am very glad that you share this report, Greg! Thanks!