• Henley Wing

    I think, from a marketing aspect, it doesn’t matter which network has the most users.. but which ones has the most users you can influence, and convert to buyers, visitors, etc. From that aspect, Facebook is in the bottom of my list, and Twitter/Google+ and Pinterest are on top. Facebook is a closed garden for interacting with friends, while Twitter is more of a townhall/coffee shop where you can interact with like-minded individuals even if you don’t know them personally.

  • Teresha Aird

    @henleywing:disqus I completely agree that it depends on your website/company/brand/market. I have to admit that having originally decried Pinterest as a total and complete waste of time for businesses I am not an avid user personally. Despite that I maintain that it isn’t all that useful for us as a business. Nevertheless it is, in my opinion, worth having a presence on each of the major social networks even if you do not divide your time equally between them. In fact, an intelligent social strategy would rarely see you dividing your time equally as very few sites/companies/brands would have reap the same ROI from each.

    Having an account with each, even if it’s only updated once a week, helps you to

    * claim your name before someone else does
    * maybe get a link or two
    * be “seen” to be there and thus not ancient or out of touch
    * have the possibility of any traffic or referrals or engagement that might come out of it.

    As they say about the lottery, you have to be in it to win it and sometimes it’s hard to have a robust social strategy until you actually begin and see how it goes.