• Pandapuffs

    Worst post ever.

  • Alan

    I think what Danny is trying to say is that someone is feeling a little disgruntled over there at Google and is letting it show. However I don’t agree with Pandapuffs it’s not the worst post ever. just close to it.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It’s pretty freaking weird that on the day Rubin is supposedly elevated to a new “moonshot” position at Google, he doesn’t find the time to say one thing publicly about it on Google+ but instead finds the time to continue his newfound exploration of Facebook.

    That should be self-evident. What’s not self-evident was that he was doing this, except to the incredibly tiny number of people who actually follow him on Facebook — and noticed this — of which I’m one.

    So worst post ever, or close to it? Please. It’s noteworthy, as I said. What it means remains to be see. If this is a way for him to express being disgruntled, it’s more than noteworthy. You don’t want the guy who created your mobile business being disgruntled. You really don’t.

  • Alan

    Ok Danny it’s not even close to your worst post ever. Is that better?
    I am actually starting to come over to your thinking on this. It is an interesting development.

    My guess for what it is worth is that this is another G+ incident. In that every product has to have a G+ focus as per decree of the Führer (err sorry Larry Page) and it has just pissed off another high level employee.

    The obvious lack of G+ activity is starting to feel like a boycott.

  • http://BestSellerAuthors.com/ Warren Whitlock

    when reading tea leaves you often end up with nothing more than the random mess left when the drinker discards the cup.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Better :)

  • JugglingWJ

    He has what looks like a G1 to me. Not a Sidekick.

  • https://plus.google.com/112767041460502214504 Greg Miernicki

    What a chump. Get the fuck off facefuck Andyroid and support G+ u bastard!

  • JasonDiaz

    Very telling.

  • Mark Jones

    I think “moonshot” was a nice way of saying Andy’s staying at Google (but he’ll be out of any useful loop thus he’ll be on the moon) because California won’t enforce non-competes. Same as happened with Jon Rubinstein and Tony Fadell over at Apple.

  • orthorim

    Remaining at Google might be mutually beneficial. Google gets to stop Rubin from deflecting to a competitor; imagine Rubin is going to Facebook to help the Facebook-Android fork! Or him going to Amazon to help with the Kindle. It would be a disaster. And Rubin might just have stock options that still need to vest.
    There might also be golden handcuffs – if Google fires him it could mean $$$$$. Likewise, if he quits $$$$ (stock options not vested become null and void).

    And all involved are reasonable people so maybe Rubin gets to tinker with some cool tech. Plenty of cool tech to tinker with at Google after all.

  • orthorim

    All that said, given what we know of Rubin’s personality – I guess he’ll be out within 2 months.

  • Andre Richards

    No surprise he got the boot from Android. The guy seems really, super arrogant and I can’t imagine that working out too well at Google. Good riddance. Android is better off without him and his failed promises of fixing the fragmentation problem.

  • shivaiyar

    Fragmentation isn’t Android’s problem. Facebook Home, and all the other OEM modifications are.