• http://conversionchamp.com/ Adarsh Thampy

    Not sure why postjoint thinks someone will actively do guest posting if they know that network is targeted by Google? In most cases, guest blogging is a legitimate way of saying I want to acquire links. These days, hardly anyone does guest blogging for traffic and branding (some might, but that’s the exception).

    I have also noticed that the amount of traffic you can drive via guest posting has drastically reduced- Back in 2008 when I did my first guest post, I was able to drive thousands of visitors from a single post. Fast forward to 2014, and getting even 100 visits is difficult.

    So the value of guest posting as a method of driving traffic is kind of dead. However, you can still do it for building relationship with the blogger. Also, if it’s a popular site, you can use their logo for social proof (As seen in…)

    With the post joint accounts getting targeted, I wonder how many legitimate sites would even accept a guest post from them for fear of being targeted by Google.

  • http://onemorecupof-coffee.com/ Nathaniell Brenes

    So sad that Google has created such a fear in the blogging community. It’s no longer a social community, it’s “don’t touch my site”. I’m waiting for the Facebook penalty sometime in the future.

  • Martin Crutchley

    I think Google’s behavior in regards to Post Joint is frankly unacceptable and typical of the recent movements from the Web Spam team, Guest Bloggers need short-term monetization to justify the time required to produce high-quality content, which is paramount in encouraging natural link acquisition, the market is saturated, there’s little ground from which to attain traction, Post Joint serviced an ecological niche, providing new bloggers with a way to attain quality content. We all know what Cutts reply is though “spent time instead curating high quality content that users will engage with”…problem is Matt, when everyone is after the same slice of the pie, the bigger players will win every single time.