• http://www.PunchInTheFaceMarketing.com/ Steven Boehle

    Great article. You first point. Segmentation Is Easier On The Front End, I never thought of it this way but makes it is so true. I am going to look at some of my landing pages and forms now. Thanks!

  • Dan Faggella

    Thanks Steven. You’ll find that if you go from [Name, Email] to [Name, Email, Drop-down-field] that you may not see an drop in opt-in rates at all (we often see a slight increase). This isn’t just about providing you with one more data point, it’s about making sure that every automated message that goes to that person is a great fit for them. Let me know how it goes, and I’m glad the insight was helpful for you!

  • http://www.nsipartners.com Michael Horst

    Wow, there are some great thoughts here! I have done some lead-gen before, and never really thought about how we could better segment our client’s leads. This also gives me some great ideas for use in my own company’s lead-gen efforts. Thanks for a great article! Definitely sharing this.