• http://thejakejordan.com/ baldjake

    I think there are two sides to this message. If you are publishing content for your own personal brand, there is no doubt you should write about your passions. Don’t look for an audience, just share your thoughts and put it places that an audience can find you.

    If you are however an employee working for a company, or an agency writing for clients, this is hardly ever going to happen. So the question becomes how do we write with editorial voice and passion for a client?

    Crowdsourcing, interviews, and features are a good way to instill a unique voice without having to create the passion yourself. This is where the real work lies in being creative for a client.

  • Matt Jessell

    Really great points, BaldJake. As a producer of content for others you have to look to sources like customers, content strategy, brand guidelines, industry, etc. to channel those passions.