• Ephraim Bander

    Excellent insights on where the market place is heading short term.

    Long term is another story. Not too long either.

    While “viewability”, or potential to be seen is an improvement, the next step, which is available now, quietly changing the digital ad world, is actually SEEN. Imagine knowing if your ad was actually SEEN and for how long?

    It’s about transparency. Digital will be taking more and more of the branding dollars traditionally spent off line (TV, OOH, Radio, Newspaper).

    On average only 10% of branding dollars are online today. The shift has already started. Sticky is accelerating the process.

    Actual SEEN metric, helps brands optimize branding campaigns, agencies will be helping their clients increase engagement and strong publishers will earn more digital branding dollars.

    Watch this 90 second video and see the future of real transparency.