• Jason Brover

    could not agree more. as long as the experience is optimized, they work. we have all heard of the horror stories about QR – on the subway where there is no service, on a car/bus that no one can ever can, billboards, etc.. when done right they are extremely powerful. At FiddleFly, we were actually able to take out of home advertisements and create an engaging portal using QR, mobile design, and a data collection element within. we had about 90% of people who scanned the QR code, signed up and left their info as well! would never see that on desktop!

  • Ubleam

    Customization, statistics and geolocation, CMS, AR… try the bleam: the smart logo for branding and mobile marketing > http://www.forbes.com/sites/markfidelman/2013/06/25/you-wont-believe-how-incredibly-smart-these-logos-are/

  • PMR

    Great article.
    I think the most common mistake is still to point a QR code to a non mobile-optimized website…

  • http://bluecapra.com/about-alan-reeves Alan Reeves

    It is great to read an article that is actually in favor of QR codes. Personally, I think one of the best uses of QR codes is to share contact information. With one scan, all the information is entered into your phone. No need to thumb type the name, phone numbers, website, make errors, etc. One scan is the shortcut that will make the process easy