• http://about.me/osbennn Ben Jacobson

    I found this article to be spot-on, Kevin! Two question for you, though, to help me wrap my head around the wisdom.

    1. In the keyword-blind future that you envision, how do you see Adwords determining what ads to place on SERPs? I get that user-specific data and networked publication audience data are becoming more prominent over time, but I don’t get how Google can ever replace the search query as the signpost that points most clearly to ad relevance.

    2. You recommend that marketers change perspective and “move away from ‘how I got here’ to ‘why I should go there and what should I do there.’” Can you please elaborate on this point? Are you essentially saying that messaging needs to focus on the benefits to the user instead of trying to resonate with whatever marketers think they know about the user based on referral data? If so, how do you foresee keyword-blind marketers of the future going about optimizing their messaging to be as relevant to context as possible?