• Jerome
  • Jennifer Sable Lopez

    So what part of having our Jewish CEO be played by Hitler is funny??

  • http://kevinchau.org/ Kevin Chau

    Jerome… Facepalm + SMH. Racially insensitive man, not cool.

  • Sha Menz

    Unfortunately the quality of your commentary is matched by the inability of the person responsible to spell or accurately represent the facts of either the situation or history.


  • Marketing Expert

    Wrong strategy for SEOmoz… and now with this it’s even worst.
    http://www.doz.com vs http://www.moz.com who cares ?
    SEOmoz was such a better name !!!

  • Mike

    Rand is such a hypocrite. In 2006 he flat out admitted that the name “moz” was lifted from DMoz, Mozilla and others in order to capitalize on their success.


    So much for TAGFEE huh?