• lionroar

    Agree that G plus is gaining momentum. For me is the amount of individuals that bring in together a community. I think I learned so much since joining and learned much about great people and their contributions. Way better than hearing about gossip. :)

  • http://www.lisa-sprachreisen.de/ Ellke Greim

    Dear Greg,
    thank you very much for your article. Its very popular at the moment to publish infographics about the facebook-google+ competition. I think this is a result coming from the big witsh of Google+ Users to get same power like Facebook Users have. Maybe the statistic is right in a global way or in the USA. But in countries like Europe – or in my country Austria and Germany, Google+ is still a white map. This has lot of advantage of course. Now is the time of founding brands in Google+ and the time of creating a real great audience. Its not a mass-product yet. But sometimes is frustrating that a cat/dog picture gets more plusses than an article of an experienced person of a certain industry. This will change when Google+ gets more popular. Many regards, Elke Greim, Germany

  • http://www.Kingged.com/ Joanne

    Nice presentation of data, Greg.

    I agree with you, with a lot of platforms that marketers could choose from, they should analyze and choose the best for their brands. Your article shows that Google+ is gaining its popularity. Marketers should think of trying this one out, this might be an effective platform.

    Thank you for sharing this report.

    I found and “kingged” the post on Kingged.com.

  • John Doe

    I don’t think counting every log-in with Google + is valid. You have to use it to use any of Google services. That skews the numbers a bit don’t you think ;)

    How many of those people logging in actually use Google +?

    From what I’ve seen very few average people us it and the ones who do are in the Web industry so that is hardly a microcosm of the web.

    Google + will never be the social network Facebook is no matter how hard they want to try and make it so.

  • Sukumar D

    Whatever the figure differences of G+ and FB, Facebook has evolved, improved, grew into what it is today, so Facebook popularity and usage will continue.

  • Marc_Razia

    Actually Global Web Index already tracked that earlier this year. They only counted users who commented, shared, or +1’d on G+ and the number of monthly active users was higher than Twitter. Those are independent numbers tracking exactly what you said is missing. So although you don’t believe G+’s growth is valid, that doesn’t make you right.

  • Katty Gomes

    Really shocking that Orkut is still available. i thought that it have become the past.

  • http://4ubrand.blogspot.com/ Frank Gainaford

    John Doe I think we will speak again in th future when you need to apologize… but that is my perspective…