• http://www.facebook.com/CullenKernan Cullen Kernan

    How are “Tabs are less visible in the Timeline layout” ?  (Aside from not being able to set them as default).  It seems like the boxes with images on the timeline are much more noticeable than the tiny links with icons under the profile picture. 

  • Matt McGee

    I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, isn’t it Cullen? I definitely find that the previous interface with the tabs across the top, 5-6 of them visible at a time, was more obvious than the current boxes. The boxes often look like imagery/part of the page design.

    The previous interface was a very common tabbed look that users would likely have seen across many different sites — they’d be familiar with it, more so than with the changes that are still only a few months old.

  • Universal_Mind

    “move fast and ruin things”