• David Burdon

    I guess in the end the truth will out. I do see ecommerce sales originating from social media. But they’re drawfed by sales from search – both paid and free.

  • http://www.postlinearity.com gregorylent

    i’d like an honest study of what % of sales come from advertising, in any form :-) ..

  • http://serialsmallbusiness.com/ Graham Hunter

    Hmm, Interesting facts…but of course social won’t fair well if you’re using last click attribution. Unless the person clicks through from your site (probably a minority of social users) you have no way of attributing an “assist” to social or not. I mean let me know if i’m off track here but as I understand it not even GA multi-channel funnels can tell you that.

  • Andrew Gaukrodger

    30 days is not long enough to measure a relationship channel and totally agree with @grahamhunter:disqus that last click method doesn’t show true value of social media.

  • http://www.expertcomputing.co.uk/ Web design seo Preston

    It’s kind of the same with offline advertsing. A billboard may not directly lead you to buy, but may indirectly in which case the cause of the sale would not be accurate.

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Measuring the ROI of social media is like measuring the ROI of your telephone. It is a means of communication which increases brand awareness – but it does not drive direct sales in the way that organic search and ppc do. There is no simple way to measure how many more organic or AdWords clicks your listings get because someone knows about you from social media, or blogs, or any other source.

    What you can do is measure increased traffic and sales using the timelines method explained by Olivier Blanchard @TheBrandBuilder and apply common sense. If more people know your name, brand or product, more people are going to click on YOUR listings than will if they never heard of you.

    We need to realize that search is going to be used less as people can get answers on social media and blogs from their friends, family and people they believe are experts. They may click through from those sources, but they may just type in your URL and you can NOT tell where they found you.

    Success comes from consistent quality and service. Businesses that don’t provide them both gradually die and those that DO focus on them consistently grow through personal recommendations which have the highest conversion rate of all – and no – you can’t measure that either.

  • http://www.powercutmedia.in/ Arun Kumar

    So true. I second this. Traditional advertisement is a thing of past. It might put your product into peoples’ minds but the ultimate choice would be the product/service recommended by friends/social media. I find myself doing that so I expect others too must be using this to get faster and reliable answers!