• Mike Raia

    I think it will take some time for Google+ to really take off. Really it hasn’t been around all that long yet. At some point Facebook will falter and someone will need to be there to catch the falling subscribers. Google just needs to keep innovating and integrating wherever they can. By the way, as of now, there are at least two “pubics” that should be “publics” in the article. Hopefully those get fixed before more eyes show up.

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Mike – typos have been corrected.

  • http://twitter.com/blossomnu Jenni

     I think the problem with G+ is that it doesn’t offer anything different enough. Endless social networks can rock up and overtake them (like Pinterest) whilst they don’t have a separate niche.

  • http://twitter.com/SamanthaWinning Samantha McCormick

    Agreed. Someone should write a book or make a case study about Google’s social media failures .. I’d read it!

  • Marc Razia

    Assessments on public posts again? Really? Will any of these studies that insist on assessing G+ by public posts ever use the same criteria to study Facebook or Twitter? I mean think just for a moment, if you took the average circle of friends on FB and tried to view their posts without knowing them (publicly) and take a guess at what you’d see. In most cases, absolutely nothing. I guess the study forgot that only on G+ can you use public posts to prove something.

     I log on to G+ every single day. 
     I’m on G+ sometimes hours at a time. 
     The bulk of my time on G+ is reading content
     I religiously use G+ search to find new people and topics of interest
     I comment on a lot of posts. 
     I privately share a good amount of photos, music, and things I think are too personal or too unimportant for the pubic. 

    Yet I post publicity maybe once or twice a month. So, by their definition, I am not an active user. In fact, I think I probably bring down the averages by their assessment, so I guess people like me are causing G+ to fail. Isn’t that brilliant?

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    They provide no data on the other networks so this report is just a bunch of fluff metrics without any context.  “Move on, folks; there’s nothing to see here.”

  • http://twitter.com/Winooski Winooski

    Agree with Marc & Michael: Absent corresponding data from Facebook (Google Plus’ main competitor), there isn’t any way to tell how it measures up.

    As an anecdotal aside, I use G+ for public posts and keep my Facebook account “For Friends’ eyes only”. I’m sure there are many people who do it the other way around or –gasp!– keep everything private.