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  • Giacomo Pelagatti

    The big difference between iOS and Android “open rates” in the report is due to the fact that inline images are displayed by default in the iOS email client, while in the Android email client (and Gmail) user action is required. Since email campaigns typically use images for tracking, that explains the radically different numbers (big thanks to +Martino Mosna for pointing this out).

    The Knotice report actually aknowledges this on page 2: “As you review the data, it’s important to note how an email open is recorded as mobile, which is based on downloading email images. Image download (i.e., “show images”) is not always a default setting for every operating system (including some Android devices) or mobile email client. This means the reported number of opens may be lower than the actual number of users viewing or reading the email. Data collected over time allows for benchmarks for comparison.”

  • Martino Mosna

    Email open rates are such a fickle metric… because are heavily influenced by the client…

    In fact I suspect that open rates are substantially the same across platforms and are rather more influenced by objective metrics such as screen resolution.

  • Meistro

    This is only in the US,in South Africa and not only SA blackberry still is the best smartphone when it comes to email and cost effectiveness…! I see blackberry is not mentioned but as i say thats only in the US!