• Fastercat

    SU will never be what it was since it destroyed the social and blogging apects.

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Interesting graph that proves StumbleUpon accomplished what it appears was their intent: run off all thinking users who do research and care about what it important in life in favor of those who blindly click and only want to know what celebrity had the latest wardrobe malfunction.

    StumbleUpon needs to know that they need the thinkers because they are the people who add the content the blind clickers see. They can’t go to totally paid posts or even the least bright stumblers will get bored and go away eventually. The interests graph and ability to see who you follow and what they’re sharing will help.

    What has kept them from total collapse is that they are still sending traffic to old content. They need to understand the connection between driving traffic as the motivation to add the best new content. They seem to believe one has nothing to do with the other. If they do not understand why they are intrinsically linked, I and no doubt many others would be happy to explain it.