• http://www.altaresources.com/ Cory Grassell

    And that’s just for desktop/laptop users? Imagine the residual effect that slow load times have on mobile users who need and demand information on the spot, showing little patience with and tolerance for slow sites. I’d imagine desktop and laptop users have slightly higher tolerance, as their behaviors and settings dictate.

  • William Vuong

    Hey Amy – Just came across this post in my alerts and found the numbers really interesting but not terribly surprising. I think that many businesses (websites) don’t even realize they have performance issues (e.g. latency) and it’s really when something bad happens (aka a site crash) that they start thinking about a CDN.

    With site speed becoming a bigger player in the search/marketing world, we’re definitely seeing more people talking about CDNs and load time but what actions site owners take is TBD.

    Thanks for the good breakdown of the study!

    William V.
    Employee @ CDNetworks.com