• Amanda Dodge

    I hate when Thank You Pages disappoint me! I was on a site yesterday that asked me to sign-up for their newsletter, and the hook was interesting enough that I converted, but the Thank You Page was so bland and boring. It was as if they’d used all of their creative juices and puttered out at the end. Had they invited me to check out other content in a unique way or follow them on social media I probably would have.

  • vicshoup

    How about those Thank You pages that still have the generic text from whatever platform they used to create the page. I’ve seen them that just say “Thanks”

  • Pat Grady

    Lowly, haha! Analytically, it’s the most important page on any site. And as you point out, under used for other purposes as well.

  • http://www.erikaheald.com/ Erika Heald

    Thank you pages are often a missed opportunity to re-engage a prospect through providing compelling, targeted content. Great post!

  • http://www.referralcandy.com/ ReferralCandy

    This was a refreshing post, John!

    The ‘Thank You’ page is definitely a part of the site that can be really useful if properly utilised. As the people who see the page are those who have already converted, they are probably more willing to share what they have just gotten with their social circles.

    It would be great to test this theory out with some data!

    Thanks for writing this,
    Hum @ ReferralCandy

  • http://www.brittanyberger.com/ Brittany Berger

    Yes! Marketers need to look at every interaction as an opportunity. Just because you already got the visitor to do something, why stop trying? I wrote a similar post about thank you/confirmation emails: http://www.ezanga.com/news/2012/11/21/why-thank-you-should-be-part-of-your-email-marketing-strategy/ You should always be trying to provide more value and engage the visitor more.

  • http://www.optimization-labs.com/ John Paul Mains

    Yeah, those are the sad ones. When I see that, they clearly show that whoever put the site together didn’t care much. I’m sure their sales team would have a different opinion!

  • http://www.optimization-labs.com/ John Paul Mains

    Thanks Erika!

  • http://www.optimization-labs.com/ John Paul Mains

    From what I’ve seen, the Thank You pages aren’t shared often. They often change the share links for the originating form rather than the Thank You so that they can get the conversion from those it was shared with rather than sending people straight to the page.