• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U2H7S4MG6PLQUVOA2CFNMZ2QUQ Ric Desan

    How much more information do you need to demonstrate that online ads in their current form are a waste. Until true engagement offers real ROI, advertisers are just throwing their money away.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Facebook has been so big for so long I was wondering when people would start pulling back. I don’t think Facebook is going anywhere any time soon, but it is interesting to watch how people’s attitudes change.

  • Alan

    Facebook just needs to move forward by doing what Google does. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel just look at Google and copy. Imagine if the masses never had to leave FB to do a “GOOD” search. Imagine if FBbot started flittering around the web how nervous Google would get. While we are at it FBsense and FBwords anyone? Now that would be some stylish leveraging of their social product. I would love for Google to have a real competitor in all these areas and quite frankly at the moment FB is the only company with the motivation. Google has unsuccessfully attacked FB’s strangle hold on the social market for years. Google has realised a head on attack is never going to work and has now launched it’s most insidious campaign to move users over to their products. nearly every Google product has a G+ aspect to it. I wonder if one day soon you will have to be logged into G+ just to do a search.

  • http://www.coconutflourrecipes.org/ Marie Chan

    As a facebook user, I lessened my time in facebook nowadays. I find it a little boring, the games are so much alike. Ads and apps are not really liable. But I am still as a facebook user because it connects with my friends and photo sharing is fun.