• hpdirty

    Yeah, Micro$oft is still losing ground! Great !

  • ZangHing

    Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude. Wow.

  • narg

    Interesting that ll other statistics show Microsoft gaining, slowly, but gaining. What makes this one correct and all the others wrong?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelvin.s.jones Kelvin Jones

    One big blunder for RIM was that it established itself as a business tool, but didn’t keep up with the market. Fortunately there are systems and apps that currentlt only work on BlackBerry such as Wicksoft, which allows users to veiw shared contacts and calendars from sharepoint and exchange. Something that RIM failed to do and other devices can’t do because of patents. BlackBerry are declining but there is a strong calling for a dedicated business device.