• http://emailblog.eu Remy Bergsma

    The trouble with the real-time inbox is that GMail has already disabled the option for marketers when they turned on image caching back in early December. Geo-location based email content is not possible anymore, because of the fact that all ‘opens’ happen in Mountain View, California (where Google’s servers are). Also, other timed content like countdowns, supply information and such aren’t possible either because of the cached images.

    For many marketers, the real-time inbox might be a step too far, for now. Either by data or features not being available, or simple time to implement such campaigns. One step forward would be to at least to send relevant email though, using segmented lists: I agree with the ‘one size fits all’ approach becoming really, really old by now. Engagement and revenue will be up, and when that happens, maybe the real-time inbox could be the next step (except for Gmail users, sadly).

  • http://www.martinworldwide.net/ Martin Worldwide

    The result is a relevant message that your customer is more likely to
    engage with and that’s easy to implement with automated campaigns.