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  • Pat Grady

    Complicated further by the many things overlooked that leech into the equation, taking last-in credit for the sale.  If you add affiliate coupon sites, and your baseline SEO and PPC sales go down… do you conclude:  “Wow, look at those coupon site conversion rates, turn down our SEO and PPC efforts, let’s just do these fabulous coupon sites!  Their ROI is wonderful!” Doh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1283922090 Darren Floyd

    What’s fascinating is, we can discuss all of this, show a 1001 different sales and marketing predictions, and many of the PTBs will say they get it. But at the end of the day, the PTBs will generally say “we all just need to roll up our sleeves and make due with less budget!” Maybe I’m missing out on some fascinating new marketing methodology, but I can’t acquire customers or place media with sleeve rolling alone! 

  • siliconallstar

    Couldn’t agree with you more Darren.  Unfortunately, “sleeve rolling” usually becomes “get rid of anything that seems the slightest bit complicated or outwardly looks less than perfect” – which is short-sighted.

    Pat – totally agree.  The entire marketing ecosystem and how you attribute credit can be complicated and difficult.  But it still pains me to see people going through the trouble to set up complicated attribution systems to figure out which one should get credit for a sale without actually looking at the value of the customer driven from the sale.  Attribution has to be a part of it, but anything that evaluates marketing without considering the value of the customer/conversion driven will lead back to the same place.

  • http://www.onqmarketing.com.au Quentin Aisbett

    Great post Vic! I like the other guys commenting couldn’t agree with you more. The key for agencies I think, is to find the right mix of clients that understand the situation. It will at the end of the day validate our strategies, deliver the ‘long-term’ objectives, make us look good and leave us less stressed out by clients that are looking for the shiny ROI.

    Honestly, how exciting are the opportunities available to us today when a conversion can mean not just a sale but an email subscribe, etc, etc.