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    It’s time Romney put his funds back in the US from the Cayman Islands

  • Matt McGee

    If the critical hashtag existed before the Promoted Tweet, it’s smart for them to advertise on it. Isn’t that one of the basics of social media marketing? When people are being critical of your brand, you try to make sure your voice is part of the conversation, too. There’s no way for them respond to the avalanche of critical tweets, so a Promoted Tweet is the best way to have your message be seen. I would hope and expect that the Obama campaign would do the same if conservatives created a hashtag to criticize him.

    On the other hand, if the Romney campaign created the hashtag and then liberals hijacked it with criticisms … well, that’s life in social media marketing. :-)

  • SamR

    It’s smart to advertise on a critical hastag, thereby directing mainstream media attention to it, so his “voice” can be “part of the conversation?” By that logic, it’d be smart for Mitt to advertise in The American Prospect, and Obama to buy ads on Fox News.

  • Matt McGee

    Apples and oranges, Sam, sorry. You’re comparing biased single-channel sources with specific editorial viewpoints to a worldwide, open, unbiased and non-editorial social network.