• http://www.swordandthescript.com/ Frank Strong

    Are you kidding? This HUGE! I’m shocked this post doesn’t have more shares. What does this mean for all the folks that have implemented Eloqua while also using Salesforce? They are becoming a one-stop shop — and ExactTarget is clearly upstream which mirrors what Salesforce has done post-Radian6 and BuddyMedia acquisitions.

  • http://www.agilecrm.com/ Sandhya Ramesh

    I can’t really say this comes as a big surprise. Having marketing automation for a CRM product is the only logical thing to do. A very successful CRM company like Salesforce should have taken this decision a long time ago. What is unexpected was the acquisition of Exact Target and not Marketo. I suppose the added benefits of Pardot and iGoDigital came into play here.
    This decision is a huge reinforcement to how much autmation is required in CRM systems. Small companies require it as much as large companies do. Marketo and Eloqua cater well to large businesses. Agile CRM(beta invites are finally being handed out!) provides email and marketing automation, along with social network integration built on top of the CRM itself. For small to medium businesses, that is definitely the way to go to save a whole bunch of money and effort.
    Of course, what this acquisition does to the interface is yet to be seen. Neither Salesforce, nor Exact Target had interfaces that were exactly pleasing to the eye.