• https://serps.com/ Scott Krager

    It totally makes sense for the direction they are taking the software. I still think there is room for improvement in the SEO software space. Most of the best SEOs I know are specialists, great at one or two specific SEO skills (technical or conversion rate optimization or guest posting). I think it’s a rare breed to find someone who does all online marketing skills well.

  • Marketing Expert

    Don’t think their rebranding is a good strategy, especially looking at their trademark issue (http://marketingland.com/recently-rebranded-moz-files-petition-to-cancel-online-marketing-company-doz-trademark-46730)
    They had such an amazing brand with SEOmoz, I don’t see the point of changing the name…
    Both http://www.moz.com or http://www.doz.com are bad domain name anyway !